Western Province
Official 3D Artist.
To speed up production time, we bought asset packs by Synty. I then edited, rigged and made new meshes to complete the game. The following below is all new meshes made/rigged by me, unless stated otherwise.

Vegetation such as corn plants and cotton plants were required to be made. 

Polygons (for the largest corn): 1600

A base character made from scratch for the game. Adapted to the style of Synty, also used similar polygon creation styles to be able to use the Synty skeleton for the character. This made it easy to switch between characters for the Level Design Development Team.

Fully rigged, animated and game ready mesh.

Polygons: 2300

3 work stations, players can interact with each.

Fully rigged, low poly guns. Game ready weapons, with animations. Original meshes by Synty, adapted by me.

Low-Poly corn. 3 Stages of growth, all stylised.
Outer shell created by Synty which has then been adapted by me, as well as having an interior created.
Users will be able to build and live inside these huts.
Cotton plants, similar to the corn plants were there are 3 stages of growth.