Currently studying Games Technology at Bournemouth University. Most of my interests revolve around computing and technology, my biggest interest to do with 3D modelling.

Software Experience:
Maya: 5 years.
Photoshop: 5 years.
Unreal Engine: 5 years.
Substance Designer/Painter: 3 years.
C++/C#: 2 years.
Unreal Engine: 1 year.
ZBrush: 6 months.
Currently outside of University I have two passions that I work on. One of these is working for the charity company Action Against Hunger. I’ve become a volunteer for the charity to raise money, which in return gives me the opportunity to go to Machu Picchu. This allows me to gain confidence by working with teams to raise money in ways I wouldn’t have before. This also teaches me a lot about team work and communication. It also takes me out of my comfort zone to interact with the public, which helps prepare me for future experiences. 

Another passion for me is working on the 3D game currently being worked on alongside University. A small team and I decided to do this to help improve our skills while doing what we love. I’m the 3D Artist for a game named Western Province. This means I’m in charge on how the game looks, as well as making sure it’s best optimised to allow all players to be able to enjoy this game. This gives me responsibilities which gets me ready for working on projects in the future. 

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